How do I store my dehydrated fruit?

Dehydrated fruit is simply fruit that has had more than 70% of its water content removed. Therefore, the biggest task for dehydrated fruit packaging is to keep this moisture out. Although the water content in our air can be minimal dehydrated fruit is an expert of pulling this moisture towards itself to rehydrate. The Australian made jars Dehydrated Co. uses for much of our range are perfect for the storage of dehydrated fruit. The glass is a non-permeable product, and the lids are specially designed to keep a strong seal to the jar keeping air (and moisture) out.

If you have an air tight container at home these are perfect for creating a double seal in combination with our recyclable plastic package range, as these rely on users to make sure the entire zip in locked to keep all the freshness inside. 

Clip Top jars with a rubber seal are often used in preserving food for long periods of time, with Dehydrated fruit no exemption to this fact.

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